I'm a developer that loves working on eCommerce Websites, building apps and services, and occasionally writing.



How To Setup Shopify Slate on Ubuntu

In this post, I'd like to document my steps taken to properly get a local SSL setup while still following Shopify Slate's instructions with their ssl-check shell function they provide you.

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Coding practices you should learn now, and utilize forever

Here are 5 coding practices I've come to know and love over the last few years that I thank myself for every day.

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Hello World

How exciting! This is my very first blog post (ever). Don't try Googling it, because it's definitely true.

You're probably thinking, "what's this blog about?". To that, I'd like to respond with the following:

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Quick Wins (WIP)

Quick Wins (WIP)
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I am a web & software developer with over 10 years of experience. From building simple websites for family to building cloud-native applications from the ground up, I've see and done it all.

My specialties right now are working on the Shopify platform, Nodejs, React, Firebase, AWS Amplify, AWS (other misc services), GraphQL, and Golang.

I'm working on improving my skills in the world of Ruby and Typescript at the moment with a few side projects that I will be showcasing here once they're ready to be viewed.

A lot of my work is unfortunately housed under confidentiality agreements. If you'd like access to some work I've been approved to share privately, please email me and let me know what you're looking to do and I'll provide some examples I feel are relative to your ideas.

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