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Hello! My name is Tracy Adams, and I'm helping build the future of Ecommerce.

Over the last 5 years, I've helped develop applications ranging from custom education platforms with Vue and Firebase to Shopify Sites with extensive custom apps on AWS to basic static sites like this one.

With that experience, I've realized that helping Ecommerce merchants and store owners customize, extend, and build dream solutions is what I really dig. So for now, I'm focusing on helping improve the world of Ecommerce with new Headless Shopify websites, working on custom backend platform solutions, and contributing to open source projects that will help Ecommerce developers worldwide.

My tech stack

Below is my preferred tech. I am open to learning new tech if it's the better solution, but I like to focus on what provides the best experience for me.

  • Node.js - most of my work revolves around Node.js
  • GraphQL - my favorite query langauage
  • Golang - for when I need high performance in small packages
  • React & Vue - to structure my web apps
  • Tailwindcss - to turn my web apps from skeletons into art
  • AWS - most of my serverless work is on here
  • Now & Netlify - for easy deployments and monitoring
  • Shopify - set and forget Ecommerce

Work with me

If you'd like examples of my work, please feel free to reach out to me via Twitter DM and we can chat!

Want to work with me?