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Where did my October go?

Wow... how in the hell did it already get to be November? I guess I should recap what has been going on. I spent a lot of my October getting things prepped and ready to go for Black Friday/Cyber Monday at my day job. This included things like building out new product launchs, preparing new site…

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Coding practices you should learn now, and utilize forever

Here are 5 coding practices I've come to know and love over the last few years that I thank myself for every day. 1. Standard code formatting Most codebases are ready more than written. A codebase with consistent formatting is a lot easier to read vs code with varying styles from numerous…

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Hello World

How exciting! This is my very first blog post (ever). Don't try Googling it, becuase it's definitely true. You're probably thinking, "what's this blog about?". To that, I'd like to respond with the following: I'm primarily starting this blog so I can share the knowledge I've amassaed over the last…

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